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17 May 2015 - Monday May 18: Celebrations for Switzerland’s National Day

On Monday May 18, Expo Milano 2015 celebrates Switzerland’s National Day. The Swiss Confederation will be marking the occasion with a grand parade made up of 100 musicians and artists from the Cantons participating in the Swiss Pavilion.

15 May 2015 - On Friday, May 15 we Celebrate the National Day of the Czech Republic

On Friday, May 15 we celebrate the National Day of the Czech Republic: from water-shows, to fashion shows and concerts, it’s a day of celebrations.

1 May 2015 - 31 October 2015 - Unmissable: Pavilion attractions

Expo Milano 2015 is a thrilling round-the-world trip brimming with surprises. Every pavilion offers a journey through the culture, perfumes, colors and traditions of its people.

3 April 2015 - 16 April 2015 - The Democratic Republic of Congo Comes to Roma verso Expo

Through April 16, the Democratic Republic of Congo is presented to the public via Roma verso Expo.

10 March 2015 - 24 March 2015 - Roma verso Expo Presents Chile

From March 10 to 24, as part of Roma verso Expo , Chile is presented to the public at Terminal 3 of Leonardo da Vinci Airport. 

3 February 2015 - 18 February 2015 - Presenting Madagascar: the latest exhibition of "Roma verso Expo"

From February 3 to 18, Terminal 3 ¬– departures lounge of Fiumicino airport in Rome will host the “Presenting Madagascar” exhibition as part of the ‘Roma verso Expo’ initiative (Rome towards Expo). 

15 January 2015 - 1 February 2015 - The Principality of Monaco is presented at Roma verso Expo

From January 15 to February 1, the Principality of Monaco will exhibit at Fiumicino Airport. The exhibition space will be dedicated to the country's participation in Expo Milano 2015.

12 January 2015 - 26 January 2015 - Vietnam Presents at Roma verso Expo

Until January 26, 2015 Vietnam will exhibit at the Vittoriano in Rome to frame Expo. An exhibition of culture, art, traditions, landscapes but also a representation of the themes of the country's participation in Expo Milano 2015.

17 December 2014 - 24 December 2014 - Israel Presents Itself: Exhibition at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport for Expo

As part of the initiative Roma verso Expo, through 24 December, the Terminal 3 Departures lounge at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport will host the exhibition "Israel Presents Itself."

29 November 2014 - 30 November 2014 - Participants’ Weekend: Israel is hosted at Expo Gate in Milan

Participants’ Weekend continues at Spazio Sforza within Expo Gate. After Angola and Qatar, on Saturday 29 and Sunday, November 30 it is the turn of Israel, presenting its participation at Expo Milano 2015 with a series of activities for all: concerts, tastings, workshops and other events dedicated to children.

22 November 2014 - 23 November 2014 - The second Participants' Weekend on November 22 and 23 is dedicated to Qatar, the country that awaits you at Expo Gate

Qatar, special guest at Participants Weekends, presents its participation at Expo Milano 2015 on Saturday and Sunday in the spaces of Expo Gate. 

4 October 2014 - At the start of the "Weekend dei Paesi" (Weekend of the Countries) on October 4 and 5, Angola Presents its Pavilion

Angola will be the country focused on in the  first “Weekend dei  Paesi”  (Weekend  of the Countries) of Expo Milano 2015 on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of October, in Spazio Sforza of Expo Gate,  there will also be artistic performances and tastings of typical dishes to accompany the presentation of the architectural project which Angola will be present at the Universal Exposition.

9 August 2014 - 19 August 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Ecuador

The last ten days of Latinoamericando. Milan’s Forum di Assago is home to Ecuador and brings to life a program that includes chocolate tastings, music, rose shows and film screenings. And on Sunday August 10 is a Brotherhood Parade along Corso Venezia, in Milan.

4 August 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Bolivia

From August 4 through 8 the South American music and culture festival will host Bolivia, which next year will participate at Expo Milano 2015,

3 August 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover El Salvador

Sunday, August 3 will be dedicated to El Salvador: an opportunity to start discovering the Country that will participate in Expo Milano 2015 next year.

21 July 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Cuba

After Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, Latinoamericando hosts Cuba: the week that opens on July 21 is dedicated to the country that next year participates at Expo Milano 2015. 

18 July 2014 - The Côte D'Ivoire Completes the Cocoa Cluster: the Signing of Participation and a Chocolate Themed Celebration

In the Sala Sforza of Expo Gate there will be the signing of the Country's participation at Expo Milano 2015 within the Cocoa Cluster, followed by a party open to the public, with Ivorian dances, live-sculpting and chocolate tastings.

14 July 2014 - 20 July 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Colombia

Starting  the week of July 14, Latinoamericando will be dedicated to Colombia: It’s an opportunity to begin to discover that the country will participate in Expo Milano 2015 next year.

9 July 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Argentina

It is now Argentina’s turn at the Milan’s Festival of Latin American Culture: tango, music and flavors accompany the day dedicated to the country.

23 June 2014 - Latinoamericando: Discover Brazil

A week dedicated to Brazil kicks off: June 23 through 29 a number of events for getting to discover the Country that next year will be even closer to Italy thanks to Expo Milano 2015.

17 June 2014 - Latin America in Milan: Mexico

Mexico opens the 24th edition of Latinoamericando: a chance to get to know the South American countries that will be present at next year’s Expo Milano 2015. Take a look at the gallery.

30 May 2014 - The Triennale Recounts the Italian Pavilion

Friday, May 30 at the Triennale of Milan, the Italian Pavilion will present the exhibition program and the schedule of events on the theme  “Vivaio Italia” (Nursery Italy).

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