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25 October 2015 - Francesco De Gregori in Concert at the Open Air Theater: the Musical Season of Expo Milano 2015 Ends on Sunday, October 25

The concert starts at 21:00 and is admission is free for Expo Milano 2015 ticket holders, subject to availability of seats.

8 October 2015 - A New Live Program by Rai Radio 2 at Expo Milano 2015: Guests Filippo Solibello, Claudia De Lillo, Marco Ardemagni and Cinzia Poli with Caterpillar AM

A New Live Program by Rai Radio 2 at Expo Milano 2015: Guests Filippo Solibello, Claudia De Lillo, Marco Ardemagni and  Cinzia Poli with Caterpillar AM.

26 September 2015 - 29 September 2015 - Algeria Presents Itself With the Music of the Desert. The Group Imzad and Hasna El Becharia in Concert at Expo Milano 2015

The end of September chimes in to the rhythm of music. The musical group Targuie Imzad and the queen of the “diwane” music genre, Hasna El Becharia, will be performing in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster.

26 September 2015 - 26 September 2015 - September 26 is the National Day of Lebanon at Expo Milano 2015. The Caracalla Dance Theater Will Liven up the Auditorium with the musical Performance “A Thousand and One Nights”

For the National Day of Lebanon on September 26, a show by the Caracalla Dance Theater at 20:30 in the Auditorium of Expo Milano 2015 entitled "A Thousand and One Nights". 

25 September 2015 - The Cult Rai Radio2 Program- Il Ruggito del Coniglio - Live at Expo Milano 2015

Friday, September 25 at 19:30, the amphitheater of the Pavilion of Belgium will broadcast the Ruggito del Coniglio program of RAI Radio 2 live.

24 September 2015 - On Thursday, September 24, at 21:00 at Expo Milano 2015: Edoardo Bennato & Farmers at the Open Air Theatre San Carlo with a concert-reading called Music for the Earth

The upcoming weeks of September and October at Expo Milano 2015 will come alive with great free concerts. Thursday, September 24, 2015, will feature Edoardo Bennato & Farmers in a free performance at 21:00 in the Open Air Theatre San Carlo in a concert-reading that will also be broadcast live on RAI 3.

15 September 2015 - Starting September 15, the DJ sets of Rai Radio2 Play from the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster

Starting from Tuesday, September 15, the evening appointment with Rai Radio2 in Expo Milano 2015 will not only change location, but also time: now, in the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster, every evening from 21:00 to 22:30.

11 September 2015 - Tonight at 20:30: The Kolors at Expo Milano 2015

The band, winner of the 2015 "Amici", will be performing at the Open Air Theater San Carlo. Gates open at 18:30. Free admission subject to availability.

3 September 2015 - 8 October 2015 - Three Language Exchange Events at Expo Milano 2015 in September and October. Enjoy a Happy Hour and Learn Italian

The Italian lessons resume at Expo Milano 2015! Thanks to the cooperation between the City of Milan and Expo Milano 2015, Thursdays are dedicated to language exchange. On September 3, September 24, and October 8 it will be possible to meet people from all over the world who want to learn Italian.

15 August 2015 - 17 August 2015 - Indonesia Celebrates 70 years of Independence in Expo Milano 2015, With Dancing, Prizes, Tumpeng Record, VIP Ticket Draw for Inter and the Presence of Soccer Stars Stankovic, Pires and Biabiany

To celebrate 70 years of independence, Indonesia has organized three days of special events at its pavilion, ending on Monday, August 17 with a show at the Auditorium, presented by Indonesian VJ Daniel Mananta.

3 August 2015 - 31 August 2015 - Every Evening, Enjoy a Wholegrain Apericena at the Cereals and Tubers Cluster in the Company of Radio2 DJs Elisa Bee, Gianluca Quagliano, Lele Sacchi, Carlo Pastore and Matteo Bordone

For the month of August, come for evening entertainment and Apericena at the Cereals and Tubers Cluster with Radio2 DJs Elisa Bee, Gianluca Quagliano, Lele Sacchi, Carlo Pastore and Matteo Bordone.

21 July 2015 - Celebration time at the Arid Zones Cluster at Expo Milano 2015 from July 22 to 28. Senegal and Mauritania Entertain with Traditional Music and Dedicate Time to Reflect on Economic opportunities The Presidents of the Two Countries will Attend

A week of celebrations will animate the Arid Zones Cluster from July 22 to 28 and on the occasion of the National Days of Senegal (July 22) and Mauritania (July 24). Tastings of typical products, musical performances and official visits of the respective Presidents are scheduled and each day will focus on an event in particular.

11 July 2015 - Saturday, July 11 Expo Milano 2015 Hosts the APB Tournament Finals. In the Ring: Clemente Russo vs Anton Pinchuk

Saturday, July 11 Expo Milano 2015 Hosts the APB Tournament Finals. In the Ring: Clemente Russo vs Anton Pinchuk, a boxing match not to be missed!

25 June 2015 - Thursday June 25 is Israel’s National Day. It’s Going to be a Real Party with Performing Acrobats and Musicians, a Soul-Jazz Concert and a DJ-Set just off the Decumano

On Thursday June 25, Expo Milano 2015 is hosting the National Day of Israel. The day's program is filled with musical events that will animate the Pavilion, bringing out the vitality and best from Tel Aviv's hot spots. 

14 June 2015 - The Radio 2 Social Club with Luca Barbarossa Broadcasting Live from Expo Milano 2015 with Guests Including Enrico Ruggeri and Erica Mou

On Sunday, June 14 from 17:00 to 18:30, the Conference Center of Expo Milano 2015 will play host to a live broadcast of Radio 2 Social Club, the radio show hosted by Luca Barbarossa with Andrea Perroni. 

30 May 2015 - Starting May 30, DJs from Milan’s Radio 2 station will liven up Expo Milano 2015 evenings in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

As of May 30, and for the entire duration of the Universal Exposition, the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster will be hosting DJs from RAI’s Radio 2 music station every night from 19:30 to 21:00

29 May 2015 - VINO is Aperitivo: Tastings every Friday and Saturday in Expo Milano 2015’s Wine Pavilion

Friday May 29, from 18:00 to 21:00, the Italian Wine Pavilion at Expo2015, VINO A Taste of Italy, will be launching a new initiative, "VINO is Aperitivo", to be held every Friday and Saturday in the Hortus of the Pavilion.  

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