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Exhibition Site

Corporate Hospitality Areas

Area Corporate dettaglio
Expo Milano 2015 provides on-site corporate areas, located in the northeast area of the Expo Site where participating companies can present their business results and products, and add value to the central theme.
Within the Corporate Area, companies can take advantage of a personalized space that gives them unsurpassed brand visibility. They may also elect to have their pavilion produced by Expo Milano 2015, or to build and manage their own as a corporate self-built pavilion. The latter is a pavilion that incorporates one or more elements of the central theme and opens up all kinds of opportunities for exhibitions that are impactful and personalized, in line with the industry or corporate identity. Whatever the choice, minimum environmental impact is guaranteed and only renewable energy is used.
Ecofriendly Pavilions
The Corporate Area must respect the same protocols in building ecofriendly structures that can be reused or removed without damaging the landscape. Expo provides guidelines for all businesses and construction companies involved to be taken into consideration when they build. All the companies must agree to these guidelines and provide construction proposals and activities to guarantee an ecofriendly result and minimum levels of impact upon the environment.

Corporate Best Practices
During Expo 2015 all companies that incorporate sustainability and better quality of life on the planet as a core value have an outstanding opportunity at the Expo Site to promote and showcase their own best practices and activities related to the Expo’s central theme.

A best practice is a benchmark of success, a paragon of excellence that helps drive change, overcoming obstacles and contributing to other industry sectors or endeavors that are replicable in many different contexts. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is a call to every participant to achieve sustainable development for the planet in order to guarantee life for future generations.

Best practices show the different aspects of this theme. They are a call for responsibility and push companies to share their own successes. They also encourage us to learn from others’ successes. Expo Milano 2015 is exactly that: a global place where global knowledge is shared.
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