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Charter of Milan

carta di milano immagine

The Charter of Milan will be the cultural legacy of Expo Milano 2015. For the first time in the history of Universal Expositions, this major international event was preceded by a broad debate involving the scientific community, civil society organizations and various institutions on the Expo theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. This intense and thorough process has led to, at the request of the Italian government, the drafting of the Charter of Milan: a participatory and shared document that calls on every citizen, association, company and institution to assume their responsibility in ensuring that future generations can enjoy the right to food.

Through a participatory process, key Italian and international experts have helped to identify the main issues concerning the sustainable use of the planet's resources. In particular, the Charter of Milan will address four major issues, all within the context of the right to food:

• What economic and production models can ensure sustainable development in economic and social areas?
• Which of the different types of existing agriculture are able to produce sufficient quantities of healthy food without damaging water resources and biodiversity?
• What are the best practices and technologies to reduce inequalities within cities, where the majority of the human population is concentrated?
• How can we think about food not only as a mere source of nutrition, but also as something that provides a socio-cultural identity?
Individuals, associations, and companies who sign the Charter of Milan take on specific responsibilities with respect to their activities with actionable goals creating awareness, and strongly requesting that governments and international institutions adopt rules and policies at both a national and global level that ensure a fairer and more sustainable future for the planet.

Read the special report dedicated to the Idee di Expo (Expo of Ideas), the first stage towards the drafting of the Charter of Milan, in the Expo Milano 2015 magazine, including video interviews with the coordinators of the various thematic groups.

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