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Where to Get the Official Expo Milano 2015 Catalog

catalogo mondadori dettaglio
The official catalog, “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” is the largest and most comprehensive publication on Expo Milano 2015, with an introduction to the history of the Universal Expositions and detailed charts on all the participating countries’ Pavilions, the Clusters and the Thematic Areas.
The expertly designed itineraries provide an unique way to experience Milan and Expo 2015, through themed routes for all ages, created by experts in design, art, architecture, fashion and food.
Finally, the brief Guide is the first tool you can use to orient yourself for your visit to Expo Milano 2015 – chock full of useful information, calendars of events and profiles about all of the participating countries.
What, where and when: all of Expo in three books!
The three official publications for Expo 2015 can be purchased from the Expo website and on

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