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Broadcasting Service

Expo Milano 2015 hosts an area where, among other offices, the Broadcasting Centre and the Press Centre are situated.
Expo Milano 2015 hosts an area where, among other offices, the Broadcasting Centre and the Press Centre are situated.
Located at ground floor on the west side of the Expo area (Expo Centre building) the Broadcasting Centre covers an area of about 1,300 square meters where RAI Com, Host Broadcaster (HB) for the event, produces TV signals for major events from May 1st until October 31st, 2015.
Live broadcasting from the Expo area and/or access to audio-visual material produced by the HB, are subject to application to the Expo 2015 Press Centre ( with copy to RAI Com ( and
As regulations are concerned, broadcasting will be possible only upon approval.
Radio and TV broadcasters asking for radio frequencies in Italy during the event, can then apply and obtain a license for the specific equipment to be used for their purposes (please see below “Guidelines for the submission of Radio Frequencies applications”).
Coverge of the Events

Expo Milano 2015 offers exhibitions, events and forums. The HB provides live broadcasting signals and audio-video news gathering accordingly. Both will be available as International TV signals.
(1) HB coverage of the events: RAI Com produces the events in HD-SDI 1080i/50 with embedded audio (channels 1 and 2 international sound, configuration of the channels 3 and 4 to be defined ad hoc) and makes International TV signals available at its Master Control Room (MCR) either:
  • live, with own recording equipment through limited access to the BNC (HD-SDI 1080i/50 with embedded audio) and/or the XLR  plugs (audio only) made available free of charge in the Press Centre; or
  • uploaded and stored, for a short period of time, on a non-linear audio/video platform made available for recording on XDCAM, P2, DV-CAM or downloaded on own portable HDD.
IP connectivity and/or fiber-optic or satellite links to carry International TV signals from RAI Com MCR to destination point have to be separately arranged and agreed with Telecom Italia or Eutelsat respectively.

(2) Live broadcasting signals: due to the significance and visibility of the official ceremonies, as well as the media common requirements, the Expo Organizer will provide accredited worldwide Radio and TV broadcasters with free-of-charge International TV signals of the following events in accordance with conventional usage:
Opening Ceremony  01/05/15
Specific National Day Event
Check the latest info about events related to national days from
all countries participating on
Closing Ceremony TBA
In order to access the multidestination satellite feed of the above mentioned International TV signals the interested broadcasters have to get in touch with Eutelsat booking office
In addition to the above events, the HB also provides live broadcasting signals for important press conferences to be held in the Press Centre while additional material can be accessed upon agreement with RAI Com on site.
Live International TV signals of the above events are also stored, for a short period of time, on a non-linear audio/video platform and made available for downloading by accredited Radio and TV broadcasters.
(3) Broadcast support services: Expo adopts a zero-emission policy and extremely strict limitations are imposed regarding access by vehicles, including broadcasting vans, satellite communications vans and other broadcast engineering vehicles.
Hence, neither satellite farm nor TV compound are available within the Expo area.
To meet the requirements of visiting Radio and TV broadcasters for diversified live/delayed broadcasting and production, the HB provides and assigns production facilities through a dedicated booking service. Production facilities are listed in Rai Com rate card on a first-come-first-served basis.
Similarly, transmissions provided through the Eutelsat satellite fleet and/or IP connectivity and/or fiber-optic links operated by Telecom Italia are listed in specific rate cards by the suppliers on a first-come-first-served basis.
Booking offices are set up in the Media Centre by the ad-hoc service suppliers to provide visiting Radio and TV broadcasters with workspaces, live stand up positions, editing room facilities, play-out and dubbing facilities, ENG crews, satellite uplink/downlink facilities, IP connectivity and fiber-optic transmission facilities.
Free Wi-Fi connection will be available in all the Expo area. Password-protected Wi-Fi connections and Wired LAN are available inside Broadcasting and Press areas only.
Host Broadcaster Facilities
RAI Com production facilities at Expo Milano 2015, to be requested no later than 48 hours in advance, include:
A limited number of working spaces equipped with chairs, table, technical power, monitor and access to the live International TV signals (HD-SDI 1080i/50 with embedded audio)
Live Stand Up Position
Three live Stand Up Positions (two indoor positions inside a glass structure overlooking main street of Expo area, the “Decumano”; the other in outdoor position) including one HD camera, cameraman, microphone, IFB kit and standard lights.
Play Out Facilities
Play-out facilities are provided in the following formats:
  • P2
  • DV-CAM
Dubbing from video server
A research service and dubbing facility is made available through the non-linear audio/video platform available for recording on XDCAM, P2, DV-CAM or downloading on visiting authorized Broadcaster own portable HDD.
A high-definition non-linear editing system (Avid Media Composer) facility service with editor is available.
ENG Crew
Upon demand, the HB will assign camera crews to shoot exhibitions and minor events. For greater clarity, EXPO 2015 and RAI Com are entitled to exploit the copyright of any coverage. This material could also be uploaded to the non-linear audio/video platform of the Broadcasting Centre for copying/downloading by accredited Radio and TV broadcasters.
HB production facilities shall be made available 7/7 days from 10:00 to 23:00 CET, according to the following rate card:
RAI Com Rate Card (connectivity not included) Price €* Additional time Price €*
Work space – 1 day minimum time (e.g. cabin with chairs, table, power, monitor and access to the HD pool signals) 650,00 1 day 650,00
Glass studio – 10 minutes minimum time (1 HD camera, cameraman, microphone, IFB kit and standard lights) 530,00 5 min. 250,00
Stand-up  - 10 minutes minimum time (1 HD camera, cameraman, IFB kit and standard lights) 500,00 5 min. 225,00
Multistandard play-out - 10 minutes minimum time (XDCAM, P2, DV-CAM) 300,00 5 min. 150,00
Video server research - 10 minutes minimum time (research only) 50,00 5 min. 20,00
Dubbing from video server - 30 minutes minimum time (support excluded and rated upon request) 80,00 15 min. 35,00
Digital editing - 1 hour minimum time (with editor)  250,00 15 min. 50,00
ENG Crew - 4 hours per day minimum time (1 HD XDCAM camera, cameraman, assistant, standard audio and lighting kit) 800,00 4 hours on same day  500,00
*VAT not included. VAT will be applied according to current legislation at the time of invoicing.

Any further additional facility shall be separately verified and evaluated upon request.
Payment method: customers shall pay the requested facilities in advance by bank transfer or, on site, via POS (all main cards are accepted).
Cancellation policy: 10 days notice. Any service cancelled after the deadline will be studied on a case by case basis and a cancellation fee (up to 100%) may apply depending on the type of service. Facilities paid will not be refunded in any case. Final invoice will be issued up to 2 months after the date of the requested bookings.
HB shall not be held liable or responsible for any specific problems related to services provided by third parties.


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RAI Com (HB production facilities) RAI Com (media rights)
Ph.: +39 06 33170052 
Giuseppe Mura (Project Manager)
Ph. +39 06 33173419 
Mob.: +39 335 62 22 948  

Antonio Fontana (Production Manager)
Ph. +39 02 3199 2975
Mob. +39 335 751 9585
Giorgio Viscardi (Technical Manager)
Ph. +39 02 3199 2705
Mob.: + 39 336 744 481
Pier Luigi Giustina (MCR)
Ph. +39 02 3199 3167
Mob.: +39 335 8097 868
Antonella Gatti (Production Organizer)
Ph.: +39 02 3199 2455 
Mob.: + 39 335 +39 5785 430
Transmission of Video and Audio Contributions from/to EXPO2015 via the EUTELSAT Satellite fleet
Eutelsat has been selected by Expo Milano 2015 as the official supplier of Occasional Use satellite connectivity services for the Expo Organization and its customers. Eutelsat fleet of 35 Geostationary Satellites shall be put at the disposal of Broadcasters for the need of Transmission and/or Reception of Video and Audio contribution feeds to/from Expo. The Transmission and/or Reception of Video and Audio feeds via Satellite will be operated through a Fiber and Teleports network which is external to the area of Expo: the fiber and teleport Network of Globecast has been selected by Eutelsat for operating the access to the whole Eutelsat satellite fleet.
Transmission via Satellite of Multilateral Feeds
A selected number of general interest events organised by Expo and produced by the Host Broadcaster RAI, shall be put at the disposal of interested broadcasters via Satellite in the form of an International HD Feed compressed in MPEG-4 AVC HD 1080i @ 50 fps 4:2:2 and scrambled in Clear. 
Multilateral Feeds shall be accessible over Europe through EUTELSAT 7B positioned at 7°East Txp F4 @ 12.52039 GHz. Pol V.
Multilateral Feeds shall be put at the disposal of Broadcasters for free on Eutelsat Coverage over Europe.
Transmission via Satellite of Unilateral Feeds
To answer punctual requirements of Broadcasters, Eutelsat can also offer customised worldwide connectivity for the contribution of Unilateral Feeds. Production Services will be purchased from the Host Broadcaster RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, while Transmission Services via Satellite can be purchased from Eutelsat. The single point of exit of outgoing Video and Audio Unilateral feeds from Expo is represented by the Host Broadcaster MCR of RAI. Eutelsat has interconnected its network of Teleports to the Expo area through own and third-party fiber via the Host Broacaster MCR of RAI.
Through the network of Eutelsat it will also be possible to supply connectivity for incoming Video Feeds, i;e. unilateral Video and Audio Feeds originating outside Expo that shall have to be carried inside the Expo area. Incoming feeds shall be received from the Eutelsat fleet to the network of Teleport of Globecast and delivered via Fiber to Expo and terminated at the HB MCR of RAI.
The transmission of Unilateral feeds is foreseen in HD 1080i @ 50fps compressed in MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0 (MP@L4) @ 18 Mbps.
For the need of Unilateral and Multilateral International feeds, Eutelsat has foreseen
  • five independent Video and Audio compressed Circuits exiting from Expo 2015 via fiber through the HB MCR of RAI
  • three independent Video and Audio compressed Circuits entering into Expo Milano 2015 via fiber through the HB MCR of RAI
The regular Eutelsat OU capacity is available for the provision of Turnkey Broadcast services during Expo Milano 2015 and allows covering the entire Globe.
Satellite Services Rate Card
Eutelsat is the official Supplier of Satellite Connectivity Services for Expo Milano 2015. To serve the need of Broadcasters, News Agencies and Media Companies, Eutelsat has put in place a range of Services which allow the delivery worldwide via Satellite of Unilateral and Multilateral Feeds produced by the Host Broadcaster of Expo Milano 2015.
Transmission via Satellite of Unilateral Feeds
The following Rate Card applies for the Distribution of Unilateral Feeds Worldwide:
  10 mn  +5mn 1hr +1hr
HD Feed to Europe  € 400 € 170 € 1220 € 1010
HD Feed to Asia € 450 € 190 € 1420 € 1090
HD Feed to America  € 510 € 190 € 1480 € 1260
HD Feed to Africa € 500 € 190 € 1530 € 1290
The Price proposed includes
  • MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0 (or 4:2:2) Compression of HD Feeds @ 1080i 50 fps fitting into a 12 MHz slot (typically 18 Mbit or above)
  • Fiber transport from Expo2015 to the Eutelsat Teleport operating the U/L
  • Satellite Capacity with Coverage over the Target Zone
  • Monitoring and Control of Customer Traffic
The Price DOES NOT include format and standard conversion which can be provided and quoted separately.
Transmission via Satellite of Multilateral Feeds
A selected number of general interest events organised by Expo and produced by the Host Broadcaster RAI shall be put at the disposal of interested broadcasters via Satellite in the form of an International HD Feed compressed in MPEG-4 AVC HD 1080i @ 50 fps 4:2:2 and scrambled in BISS.
Multilateral Feeds can be accessed for free on Eutelsat Space Segment on EUTELSAT 7B F4 @ 12656.691 GHz Pol V.
Cancellation Policy
  • Pencil Bookings will not be accepted, booking have to be considered as firm bookings
  • In case of Booking Cancellation 100% penalty will be applied
  • Bookings are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. In case of amendments of confirmed Bookings, the longer Booking among the original one and the amended one will be billed


Reservations can be requested at following contacts

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Reservations can be requested at following contacts:
Tel: + 39 06 8091751
Stefano Zara (Expo 2015 Project Leader)
Ph.: +39 340 3621 670
Cristiano Benzi (Director of PreSales and Special Projects Italy)
Ph.: +33 6 7549 8313
Renato Farina (CEO Eutelsat Italia)
Ph.: +39 347 4938 703
Katharina Cormier (Satellite Resource Centre Manager)
Ph.: +33 6 7488 0589
Vanessa O'Connor
Corporate Communications Director Eutelsat SA
Ph: +33 1 5398 4747
Eugenio Bonanata
Pres relations Eutelsat Italia
tel: +39 349 2948541

Telecom Italia is the first Global Service Partner chosen by Expo 2015, and the only one in the connectivity and integrated services sector.
Telecom Italia will supply the latest technological infrastructures and solutions, making its experience as an international operator available to welcome guests and participants from various countries.

What’s inside
  • Ultra-broadband TLC infrastructure throughout the Pavilion, for both standard and more demanding connectivity needs.
  • High-performance international Backbone infrastructure to provide high-speed access to data and contents hosted in remote locations worldwide. Ultra-broadband wired/wireless internet and data services between the Pavilion and Participants’ home countries.
  • Virtual data center and storage pool delivered as a service through cloud computing technology (IaaS), to host “Expo-critical” data and application, in line with Expo 2015’s Participation guidelines (Free Trial).
  • IP infrastructure devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls designed to maximize network performance while protecting from any kind cyber attack Basic and advanced security services both at network and application level such as intrusion prevention, VPN, content filtering, authentication, etc
  • High-performance network, fully integrated with the ultra-broadband FTTH infrastructure in the exhibition site.
  • Cloud-ready connectivity service that ensures an optimal level of integration with cloud services delivered through the Expo Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Fully networked cloud platform for optimal delivery of critical services to visitors, so as to ensure a superior visitor experience and raise the attractiveness of Participan ts’ exhibit spaces.
  • Significant reduction of IT set-up expenses, as Participants do not need to bear the fixed costs for on-site brand new housing and hosting facilities.
  • Best-in-class network security solution, that enhances productivity and minimizes total cost of ownership. Security is integrated and managed on all the Network, both fixed and mobile thanks to Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN), an integrated end-to-end architecture that addresses all layers of the WLAN, from client devices and access points to the network infrastructure, network management and security policy definition and enforcement.
  • 24/7 Customer Support with a single point of contact
Network, Internet & Cloud

Ultra-broadband TLC infrastructure inside Pavilion
Network infrastructure on the exhibition site features a fiber optics GBE/MPLS-based ultra-broadband access with bandwidth from 10Mbps up. Links between Pavilion networks terminations and service points of presence (PoP) as well as links among Metropolitan PoP are in fiber optics.
Routers: help to deliver differentiated, converged service offers that optimized bandwidth usage.
Switches: Hardware optimized multicast platform that provides scalability for traditional data.
Pavilion-To-Country Network Infrastrucute
The international interconnection consists of 2 elements:
  • Aggregation link and transport from Telecom Italia’s PoP in Milan to the Expo 2015 site, leveraging the newly built TLC infrastructure on-site.
  • Backbone transport from Telecom Italia’s PoP in Participant’s country to Telecom Italia’s PoP in Milan.
Internet Service
The Gigabusiness profile provides a fiber optics-based Internet access solution on GBE interface starting from  10Mbps, ensuring high-speed access and high bandwidth capacity.
Cloud Platform
The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform provides Participants with virtual hosting and storage capacity as a service. The cloud infrastructure consists in a single allocation pool within the Expo Virtual Private Cloud.
The architecture provides full redundancy, both physical and at network level, with dynamic load balancing (DRS).
Optional software and applications include server operating systems, database management system, antivirus, virtual server backup, disaster recovery, etc
IP & Logical Security
Cloud data centers are built with cutting-edge equipment and boast 24/7 surveillance and perimeter protection. Logical security is integrated into an end-to-end architecture that addresses all layers of the network. Partners will implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN) –MPLS* solution that make IP packets on a given VPN undetectable to users operating on different VPNs.
  • Secure Network: Secures your network with firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN, and content filtering.
  • Secure access: Secure your networks and services, enforce network security policies by allowing access only to trusted devices
  • Security Manager: Helps configure and manage Cisco firewalls, VPNs, IPS sensors, and security services.

Guidelines for the submission of Radio Frequencies applications
For information about the granting of a temporary right to use the frequencies and access cameras on the Exibition Site: 

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