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A New Live Program by Rai Radio 2 at Expo Milano 2015: Guests Filippo Solibello, Claudia De Lillo, Marco Ardemagni and Cinzia Poli with Caterpillar AM

8 Oct

Milano -  Sito Espositivo Padiglione Belgio / 8 October

Caterpillar AM
A not to be missed live program with RAI Radio 2 during Expo Milano 2015 to entertain evening visitors. With Caterpillar AM, on Thursday, October 8 at 19:00 , will present the program from the Belgium Pavilion.
Guests Filippo Solibello, Claudia De Lillo, Marco Ardemagni and Cinzia Poli
Filippo Solibello, Claudia De Lillo, Marco Ardemagni and Cinzia Poli meet the public, their fans and the curious in a very special episode of the Radio 2 program: thanks to the novel and fun "Caterpillar AM  Expo Guide" that lists the best deals on food, the most unique drinks, the best souvenirs and the winning sense of humor out of the countries taking part in the event. Filippo and Claudia will be accompanied by 'Professors of Expologia' Poli and Ardemagni, who during all of last season for Caterpillar AM, held surreal lessons on the pavilions at Expo Milano 2015. The two "professors" will name the winners in the above categories.
Programma 2 maggio sommario 31 Oct

The program of events. We look forward to seeing you at Expo Milano 2015!

Here’s what’s happening on Saturday October 31 at Expo Milano 2015.

expo dopo expo 500 320 10 Oct

Expo After Expo: The Legacies of the Universal Exposition

On Saturday October 10 from 10:00 in the Auditorium of Expo Milano 2015, an important day to sum up the materials generated as a result of the actions taken before and during the Universal Exposition to support the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

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