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Visita pad Stati Uniti

8 October 2015 - The Women Protagonists of Organic Farming in the United States of America, a Meeting at Expo Milano 2015

“Women are protagonists of organic farming because they are more inclined towards change” say the leaders of the sector in the United States of America at the USA Pavilion.

imm news visita Cristoforetti Alitalia THUMB

8 October 2015 - Samantha Cristoforetti, at Expo Milano 2015 as the Ambassador of the Universal Exposition, Reveals the Importance of “Looking at the World From Another Perspective”

“Learn to look at the world from another perspective”, says Samantha Cristoforetti who visited the Universal Exposition and met schoolchildren at the Alitalia-Etihad Pavilion.

Microsoft news

28 September 2015 - At Expo Milano 2015, 100 Innovators Exchange Views on Food’s Future with #SparktheMilanCharter. Proposals to be Incorporated into Milan Charter, which has already been Signed by Over 1 Million Supporters

#SparktheMilanCharter, a day of confrontation between 100 innovators organized by Microsoft with Lab Expo / Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation was held at Expo Milano 2015.

imm news CREA thumb

25 September 2015 - Biotechnologies and the Right to Food, a Meeting of CREA is Held at Expo Milano 2015

"With new biotechnologies, Italy can once again become the leader of the agriculture of the future, one that is more sustainable and productive." At the MIPAAF space, CREA presents new techniques for plant gene improvement.

imm Pad USA NASA 21 settembre THUMB

21 September 2015 - NASA Space Exploration Expert Kathy Laurini at the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

"Missions to Mars help us to improve nutrition," a meeting with Kathy Laurini at the USA Pavilion, NASA expert on space exploration.

Pad Belgio insetti news

14 September 2015 - Pasta and Sauces Made with Edible Insects. The First Italian Tasting at the Belgium Pavilion

Today at the of Belgium Pavilion, the Società Umanitaria organized the first Italian tasting of authorized products containing edible insects.

Visita pad Stati Uniti

25 August 2015 - A Visit to the United States Pavilion. Food 2.0 Depends on Each One of Us. Check Out the Video and Gallery

The call for individual responsibility is the theme of the Pavilion, presenting solutions for food in 2050, starting with the spectacular vertical farm. Check out the video and the gallery.

Padiglione Belgio visita immagine thumb

24 August 2015 - A Visit to the Belgium Pavilion. A Time Corridor Leading to Food’s Future. See the Gallery

The Belgium Pavilion -in wood and glass -  the ground floor draws visitors in while the lower level fills them with knowledge and the upper level fascinates them. See the gallery.

Cascina Triulza antispreco immagine thumb

29 July 2015 - Food Waste as a Resource for New Products: At Cascina Triulza in Expo Milano 2015, Fedagri Piemonte Proposed Three Innovative Ideas and a New Manual

Held on Wednesday July 29, at Cascina Triulza in Expo Milano 2015, the conference titled “Food waste and innovation, a challenge for both producers and consumers. Innovation as a possible solution”.

Finmeccanica news 22 lug thumb

22 July 2015 - At Expo Milano 2015 a Convention Organized by CNR on Precision Agriculture in Three Typical Production Chains

Increase yields and reduce pollution? With precision farming this is possible. At Expo Milano 2015, the CNR presents good practices and technologies to 'do the right thing at the right time'.

Ancc – Coop a Expo Milano 2015 news

22 June 2015 - “Informed citizens and responsible consumers”. The Ancc – Coop Seminar at Expo Milano 2015 Looks to the Food of 2050

The Ancc – Coop Seminar at Expo Milano 2015 Looks to the Food of 2050 with a debate on consumer and business changes at the international level. 

Jack Bobo thumbnail

13 June 2015 - Can agriculture save the planet? Jack Bobo responds at Expo Milano 2015

Can agriculture save the planet? Jack Bobo responds at Expo Milano 2015

Visita al Future Food District

26 May 2015 - Exploring the Future Food District: Finding Out About Tomorrow’s Food Today

A visit to the “Future Food District” Thematic Area, created in collaboration with the Coop supermarket group, starts off in the Pavilion of the Supermarket of the Future and finishes in a piazza...

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